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Voting Q&As

Where can I find out more about the candidates?

You can read the candidates' election addresses here

Am I eligible to vote?

You may vote if you are a paid-up Producer member of NPA.

What if I don't know my membership number?

It will save NPA staff a lot of work if you give your membership number, but you may vote even if you cannot find your number. OR before you vote, send your name and postcode to Andrea Vickers at NPA and she will send you your membership number, probably the same day.

Can I vote by paper ballot instead?

Yes, paper voting forms are being mailed to Producer members.

How many votes may I cast?

Up to 12. If you vote for more than 12, your ballot form will be spoilt.

Must I cast ALL my 12 votes?

No, you may cast as few votes as you wish. But you must not cast more than 12 votes.

Can my business partners vote also?

No, only one person may vote on behalf of a Producer member, regardless of the number of partners in the business.

Can I recall my online voting form if I make a mistake?

When you press the Check My Vote button you will be given the opportunity to correct any mistakes before submitting your vote.

The voting form isn't working properly in my browser — where can I get further advice?

If the voting form does not work in your browser because of local security policies, please contact Andrea Vickers who will send you a paper voting form.

NPA Producer Group election 2018
  • Only NPA PRODUCER members are eligible to vote.
  • Polls close noon, February 23, 2018.
  • Vote for up to 12 candidates, but no more than 12.


1 Your name
2 Your postcode
3 Your NPA membership number (if known)
4 Your email address
5 Your phone number

(Vote for up to 12 candidates, but no more than 12)
EAST Sally Stockings
Simon Guise MIDLANDS
Steve Hart David Owers
Rob Mutimer Sam Godfrey
Colin Stone
SOUTH-WEST Richard Lister
Robin Bright Richard Longthorp
Sophie Hope Phil Stephenson
Andrew Freemantle Vicky Morgan
Tom Allen


January 22, 2018: On-line voting opens
Early February 2018: Candidates published in Pig World
February 5, 2018: Postal ballot for members who have not already voted on-line
February 23, 2018: Polls close
March 2018: Results published on-line and in Pig World

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