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Election timetable

January 22 2018 On-line voting opens.

February 5 2018 Postal ballot for members who have not voted on-line.

February 23
2018 Polls close.

March 2018 Results published on-line and in Pig World.

Allied industry manifestos


I'm incredibly passionate about our industry.
Not coming from an agricultural background, I was welcomed with open arms and I'm extremely grateful for the opportunities I have been given. It is because of this that I would like to stand for election to NPA Allied Industry Group, to support and secure the industry's success; but furthermore, I feel I can bring something new to the AIG.

The consumer is changing. People are spending the least amount of their wage on food than ever before yet have increasingly higher expectations of the food they purchase. My role within Tulip Ltd is to build supply chains, bridging the gap between producers, allied industries, customers and crucially consumers.

A proactive approach to recognising the importance of looking beyond the farm gate and across the entire supply chain is required in order for our industry to thrive. We cannot isolate ourselves from the increasingly uncertain climate we are currently in and it is only through collaboration that our entire industry can succeed.

In my role as Supply Chain Development Manager I am in a unique position that brings together all aspects of our industry, from farm to fork. I am exposed to key trends in consumer perception and I understand what our customers value. I can help share these insights back to the grass roots and help producers supply exactly what the changing population is demanding and by doing so, secure their market.

I believe this insight and knowledge would be a new string to the AIG bow, providing first hand links both up and down the supply chain.

I would be honoured to work alongside NPA Producer Group and NPA AIG, to represent processors, young people (ish) and new entrants into the industry and I hope you will support my candidacy. Thank you.

January 22, 2018: On-line voting opens
Early February 2018: Candidates published in Pig World
February 5, 2018: Postal ballot for members who have not already voted on-line
February 23, 2018: Polls close
March 2018: Results published on-line and in Pig World

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