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Election timetable

January 22 2018 On-line voting opens.

February 5 2018 Postal ballot for members who have not voted on-line.

February 23
2018 Polls close.

March 2018 Results published on-line and in Pig World.

Allied industry manifestos

Primary Diets

For more than 40 years I have seen the pig industry confronted by one threat after another. As soon as one problem had been surmounted another menace simply took its place.

The next three years will be no different as Brexit will throw up some unexpected difficulties, further antibiotic reductions will become more urgent but harder, and incursions and other powerful adversaries continue.

After six years on the Allied Industry Group committee I am ready to serve out the remaining three-year term and help to face down these threats and adversaries.

I would be honoured to continue working for the pig industry through NPA both generally and by using my knowledge of nutrition and feed legislation to fight against negative changes such as copper reduction, attempt to reverse losses — such as pharmaceutical zinc oxide use — and help to minimise any losses in efficiency and cost increases associated with changes to feed (and environmental) legislation.

I offer myself for the remaining three-year term to help nurture growth in the United Kingdom pig industry whilst engaging in the inevitable battles needed to defend it.

January 22, 2018: On-line voting opens
Early February 2018: Candidates published in Pig World
February 5, 2018: Postal ballot for members who have not already voted on-line
February 23, 2018: Polls close
March 2018: Results published on-line and in Pig World

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