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Election timetable

January 22 2018 On-line voting opens.

February 5 2018 Postal ballot for members who have not voted on-line.

February 23
2018 Polls close.

March 2018 Results published on-line and in Pig World.

Allied industry manifestos

Meadow Quality

I have been involved in the pig industry through hands-on pig production and allied industry for 35 years, ten years of which with Meadow Quality Ltd, and for the last four years my current role has been as Commercial Director, with this position having responsibility for our pig department, the company brand, also maintaining and developing the services we offer.

During my career, I have gained a greater understanding of the industry and been lucky enough to meet and work with many of the interesting characters involved, both past and present. I enjoy networking existing and new relationships both within and outside the industry, chairing a charity, also being involved with a sports club, managing teams and achieving real results, has always been an area I feel passionate about, as I do when representing farmers.

I would like to continue with the NPA Allied Industry Group because by being involved with planning for the challenges faced by the NPA, a team who really do a lot of great work, continuing engaging and helping to lobby, consequently working towards better outcomes for our pig industry, is important for us all.

A growing and demanding human population continues to create challenges for us all regarding food production and security, so being given another chance to be part of helping secure trust, in these uncertain times for the British farmers, businesses and families in the pig industry, helping secure a sustainable future food supply chain for all, would be a privilege.

January 22, 2018: On-line voting opens
Early February 2018: Candidates published in Pig World
February 5, 2018: Postal ballot for members who have not already voted on-line
February 23, 2018: Polls close
March 2018: Results published on-line and in Pig World

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